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Old 10-08-2020, 01:41 PM
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Default Pay Per Install Network with Highest Rates in 2020

Hello. Nowadays a lot of publishers are struggling to find any Pay per Install Network with high rates for PC (Windows) installs.

Unfortunately, most of the networks have low rates for PC (Windows) installs and high rates for Mac Installs. The worst thing is that almost all of them
provide extensions and not .exe files which makes the conversion much more lower.

We all know that Mac traffic cannot be easily obtained and the worst most of the networks are not even monetizing the Mobile (Android/iOS) traffic. As a reason of that the PPI industry has changed a lot. Most of the PPI networks are paying cents for the WorldWide PC (Windows) traffic.

Currently, best option for the publishers who are struggling to get the best rates for WorldWide Windows traffic is joining a private Paid Per Install Network. This network is opened for everyone and everyone can join it. The only way you can join this network is to contact some of the affiliate managers through Skype or E-mail.

Who can join this Private Pay Per Install Network?

You need to have WordWide (PC) traffic and you must be able to provide at least 200 installs daily. In addition this is a perfect solution for the webmasters who have traffic from India too.

What we prefer?

We prefer webmasters which have websites with download (worldwide) traffic from all countries around the world.

What kind of offers are included in the exe?

We are working only with clean offers. That means that our exe is not promoting any ilegal software. Best of all you will get your own unique .exe file which gonna be constantly updated.

Is it silent?

Of course. We take care for the maximum conversion ratio and we always update the private exe file multiple times a day. The exe is complete silent and the installation of the offers starts with simple double-click on the file.

What are the rates?

At first you need to know that we offer fixed rate. It is $0.10 for every single installation (It doesn't matter if it is from India,Pakistan,Brazil). So let's make the
calculation. Let say you deliver 200 installations. So 200 installs x $0.10 = $20. That means that you will get $20 for delivering only 200 installs which can be from the low paying countries.
That sounds great right? Even Google Adsense do not pay $0.10 per click for the T3 countries.

Which countries we accept?

This is the best option at our Private PPI network. You can monetize every single Windows install from the T1/T2/T3 Countries.

How to Contact us?

There are two options you can use to contact us.

1. Skype: live:.cid.378bac784b78d6e6

3. E-mail: privateppinetwork@gmail.com
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