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Originally Posted by chepix View Post
hi there.

i cannot find any form to fill in my personally banc-information to get in future athe payment.
where i can find it in my account? ... or do i need to contact the support?

which payment-options are offered?
i read in the forum any about "visa by magnumcard"... BUT magnumcard doesnt offer visa. only mastercard.

i dont have mastercard by magnumcard.
ok, its possible to signup there, BUT WHY? i have mastercrads from PAXUM and PAYONEER. why i should signup for new at another "dealer" ?!?
its possible to get the payment by pauoneer or paxum too?

greetings from portugal
i just asked this thing some time ago...but i understand there is no chance to have a different payment method because i'm the only stupid italian webmaster asking these things. I said to Riv that the 80% of the cam sponsors at the moment outside Italy paid with Payoneer, so it's noise have another credit card to receive only RIV payments for person that have just 2 (Paxum and Payoneer) cc....i don't know why they don't use these two international payment system, probably are more expansive.
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